Spixworth Parish Council Streetlight LED Replacement Programme

To date Spixworth Parish Council have upgraded 143 streetlights to new energy efficient LED lights. There are 275 streetlights in total in Spixworth, the remaining 132 lights will be upgraded over the next 2 years.


LED lights reach full brightness instantly - They do not require time to warm up, which makes them a flexible light source and are far more environmentally friendly - They do not contain lead or mercury and do no mit any poisonous gases. They also give off less CO2 emissions.3

Contact the Parish Council

Spixworth Parish Council Office

Spixworth Village Hall

Crostwick Lane



NR10 3NQ

The parish council offices are located behind the Village Hall and Social Club, beside the play area.

Opening hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am to 12:30pm

Parish Clerk: Carolyn Lake

Telephone: 01603 890290

E-mail: spc.clerk@spixworth-pc.org.uk