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Allotments & Amenity Land

 Greg's Meadow

Gregs Meadow July 2020

Greg's Meadow is a public open space  which was acquired by the Parish Council to provide some much needed recreational space for the village of Spixworth. The two acres of land was gifted to the Parish Council by the Mills family in 1996 in memory of their youngest son. The land has a high water table and therefore was intended to be an amenity area for wildlife , dog walkers. and somewhere for exercise and children to play.

St Mary Court Allotments

(Awaiting transfer to the Trustee of Spixworth Village Hall and Playing Fields)


The new allotment area located behind St Mary's Court will provide 20 allotment plots. The Trustee of Spixworth Village Hall are still waiting for the allotment area to be legally transferred over from the Developer, once more information becomes available the Trustee will then notify people on the current  allotment waiting list.


If you are interested in renting an allotment please contact the parish clerk.

Amenity Land

(Awaiting transfer to the Parish Council)

The amenity Land which is located on Crostwick Lane is in the process of being legally transferred  from Hopkins Homes to the Parish Council, Once transferred a suitable future use of the site can be agreed. We would welcome your thoughts and ideas on how parishioners feel this space could be best used in order to the benefit the residents of  Spixworth.

Amenity land crostwick lane-Spixworth
Gregs Meadow
Stable Junction
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