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About the Parish Council

Spixworth is a thriving community of around 4000 residents. It is a village that continues to evolve and see new development and services. The Parish Council work hard to provide Spixworth residents with a village they can be proud of.  


The Council consists of 12 members, who meet on the first Tuesday of every month at Spixworth Village Hall at 7.30pm to discuss matters concerning Spixworth. Residents are welcome to speak at the meeting in the first opening 15 minutes of the meeting.


Councillors are elected as the representatives of the residents of Spixworth and you can contact them. The  Parish Council currently has vacancies for parish councillors It is your chance to have a say and make a difference in your local community.

The Parish Council can exercise legal powers to run certain facilities and services and its activities are funded by an extra cost know as a `precept` added to each householder's Council Tax bill.

The Parish Clerk, Carolyn Lake, is employed to act in legal and administrative matters and as a point of contact for residents. Broadland District Council consults the Parish Council on all local planning issues & appeals where these affect Spixworth.

Strategic Plan

The Parish Council published a Strategic Plan 2023-27 for Discussion (PPTX, 16MB) in July 2023. If you are not able to read the PowerPoint presentation, please contact the clerk for alternative formats.



The Council, either through its own activities or by giving assistance to other village groups, is involved in providing, maintaining and protecting:


  • Open spaces (Gregs Meadow, amenity land, Village Hall grounds, Play areas)

  • Grass cutting in the Village (verges and open spaces)

  • Street lighting (energy use, repair & replacement costs)

  • Litter Control (general waste and dog bins)

  • Seats and Shelters

  • The Village Hall and Playground (as Trustee to the registered charity)

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