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Neighbourhood Plan Visions & Objectives


1. To develop and improve local community facilities and services (such as a Community Centre / Village Hall, other recreation, education and medical facilities) for all age groups.

2. To protect the countryside and farmland surrounding our village, promoting green space, woodland and enhancing nature conservation with improved access to the countryside.

3. To reduce the negative impact (volume, speed, safety and parking) of traffic on all our roads. To support more sustainable transport by improving pedestrian and cycle links to the wider countryside and enhanced public transport.

4. To preserve the character of Spixworth, including the spatial balance between the rural and built environment, historical assets, character and feel as well as improving the design of homes and development.

5. To support housing growth tailored to the needs of Spixworth, where development is sensitive, protecting and enriching the landscape and in keeping with the built setting.

6. To encourage and support local businesses, shops and local employment within the parish.


Spixworth Neighbourhood Plan Vision

To allow Spixworth to evolve and grow in a way that retains its rural setting and village character.

Improving the quality of life and local facilities for all generations by respecting and reflecting the needs of the local community.

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