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Parish Council meetings

Each year Spixworth Parish Council hold a total of eleven monthly meetings to make local decisions and policy relevant to the public interest of the Parish on the first Tuesday of each month, with the exception of August. They commence at 7.30pm with the first 15 minutes available for Public Speaking. The meeting properly commences at 7.45pm at which point members of the public may observe.

A Parish Council meeting is open to the public to attend, but it is not a public meeting. This means that the meeting is held for the Council to conduct its business, in an atmosphere conductive to working and the public are permitted to watch and listen to proceedings.

By law, an agenda for a Parish Council meeting must be posted in a public place three clear days prior of the meeting date, similarly Councillors require three clear days notice so the agenda is typically ready a week before hand. Only business contained within the agenda can be considered at the meeting. We post the next meeting agenda within the notice boards located around the village.

As well as the monthly Parish meeting the council hold an Annual Parish Meeting (APM). This must be held, by law, by May - this is a statutory requirement. The first business of the APM must be the election of the Chairman; if no Chairman can be elected the meeting cannot continue beyond this agenda item. We welcome attendance from the public as well as representatives of the local schools, churches, groups & societies. The APM allows a summary of the last 12-months activities and our plans for the forthcoming year.

Separate Committee meetings are also held throughout the year Finance & General Purpose; and Spixworth Village Hall Management Committee.

As of 2009 the role of Trustee of Spixworth Village Hall & Playing Field, a registered charity, was transferred to the Parish Council. The Trustee hold four meetings annually with the employed Village Hall Manager to discuss current finances, fund raising ideas, maintenance requirements, possible improvements and future plans. Representatives of the Social Club, Bowls Club and regular hire groups  are welcome to attend these meetings as they are all positioned on charity land. Though the elected Parish Councillors serve as Trustees, any matters relating to the Parish Council may not be discussed during a Trustee meeting, and visa versa.

Both the Parish Council and Trustee may be called to attend an `Extraordinary Meeting`, as requested by the appointed relevant Chairman to discuss urgent or high important subject matters that require resolving prior to the next scheduled Council or Trustee meeting.

Presently due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions all meetings are held on-line through video conferencing technology as opposed to Room 89 within the Village Hall, and this will continue until such time restrictions are relaxed enough to allow the meetings to proceed again in public.


However, whichever way the meeting is held we welcome you to join us - only electronically for now - and observe the discussions and decisions being made regarding your village. If you have any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council or are simply interested in observing future meetings then please contact the Parish Clerk via email or phone (details at the top of the page) and we shall provide you with the necessary electronic invitation.


Spixworth Village Hall

The Clerk is the ‘Proper Officer’ of the Council who is responsible for the smooth running of the Council’s business. He/she is the first point of contact for the Council and all correspondence comes to the Clerk.


Responsibility for implementing the decisions of the Council rests with the Clerk along with giving professional guidance where necessary whilst remaining neutral and discrete. The Clerk is also responsible for financial management.


The Clerk prepares, circulates and displays agendas in public places. She/he signs notices and summonses with a list of business to be transacted but does not have the power to fix the meetings of the Council. The Clerk is required to attend meetings, take minutes, keep Council minutes in a book and hold other documents.


A member of the Council may be appointed as Clerk without remuneration but nowadays it is more usual to appoint someone who is not a councillor to be paid for the work they undertake.



7.30pm unless otherwise stated. Online meetings held by Zoom Video Conferencing will commence at 7.00pm


​​January - Tuesday 5th-Online Meeting

February - Tuesday 2nd-Online Meeting

March - Tuesday 2nd-Online Meeting

April - Tuesday 6th-Online Meeting


May - Tuesday 4th  ANNUAL COUNCIL MEETING-Online Meeting

June -Tuesday 1st

July - Tuesday 6th

August - No Meeting

September - Tuesday 7th

October - Tuesday 5th

November - Tuesday 2nd

December - Tuesday 7th

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