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Spixworth Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Date

Wednesday, 5 May 2021




Spixworth Parish Council has appointed a steering group to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, which provides a vision for the future of the parish up to 2039 and a number of planning policies to help ensure the vision is achieved. The Plan was submitted to Broadland District Council in November 2019, and subsequently approved for publication and examination.

The examiner has now concluded his examination and has recommended that the Neighbourhood Plan proceeds to a referendum in the parish, subject to a number of specific modifications. The local planning authority has decided to approve these recommendations, meaning that the Neighbourhood Plan will proceed to a referendum subject to these changes being made.

The referendum will be held on 6 May 2021 and will be conducted in a similar fashion to local government elections. The area covered by the referendum will be the civil parish of Spixworth (the Neighbourhood Plan area) and those eligible to vote will receive formal notice in due course.

Broadland District Council has published an information statement and specified documents (as required by the Regulations) on its website at:

The Broadland District Council offices (Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Rd, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, NR7 0DU) are currently closed to the public, in line with government’s current Coronavirus guidance. Any individuals who are unable to access the above documents online are asked to call the District Council on 01508 533805, where arrangements will be made to ensure they are able to inspect the documents. As soon as the offices are reopened, copies of the documents will be available for inspection at the Council premises on an appointment basis only. Anyone wishing to discuss making an appointment is, again, asked to contact the above number to speak to a relevant officer.

For more information, please contact the Place Shaping team at Broadland District Council on (01508) 533805 or at

Spixworth Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Date
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